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How to order?

How to search for something

Just insert the desired item - such as the PC-name, a product reference or an item number - in our search box.


Please browse the various product categories listed on our page. Here you will find a daily update of our specialists´ recommendations – on all topics that you are interested in. If you are interested in a monitor, for example, we have a separate category for them.

From one category to the next

Each product is presented on a page of its own. Here you can find all important details: pictures, price, availability, format and description, remarks from experts and customers.

3 Steps : "Add to Cart ", "Proceed to Checkout" and "Buy Now"

Related products: If you like a product you can easily put it into your cart "Add to Cart". Just the way you do it in a real supermarket, you can collect/gather various items in your cart before you go to the checkout and pay for all of them at once. You can remove selected items from your cart again at any time or put them aside for a future purchase on a personal shopping list.

When you have decided to order something, just click the button "Checkout" under the shopping basket. We assist you  with/accompany you through all necessary steps during the process of ordering. Don´t worry : Your order is only registered, when you  click the button  "Buy Now" at the end of the ordering process. Orders that you have not yet sent off can be viewed/seen in "My account" (at the top of each page) and cancelled just in case.

The dispatch of your  orders is usually carried out by DHL, but  you can pick up the products in our shop as well.

Please consider that the minimum order is € 400.-