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HI-TECH stands for highest quality together with its partners!

You can be sure that in our systems we only use the latest components from selected partners that have proven themselves in our tests. In our tests we strain phase, the hardware in extensive tests to the utmost and examine as to whether the promise of quality can be guaranteed. Only when components prove themselves worthy we assemble them in our PCs.

Whether Nvidia or ATI, Intel or AMD, we deliver the optimal configurations, tailored to the highest gaming needs!

A particular point in our systems, is of course overclocking. As standard we get maximum performance from the system, and the system with guaranteed stability. Even here in the extensive benchmarks absolute best possible result is sought!

Of course, cases are an essential part of the PC, and we delight gamers who are looking for style and exclusivity value especially with our Xtreme machines with limited, elegant cases such as by Cooler Master.