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Pourquoi acheter un PC HI-TECH ?

Here are a few reasons why you should buy a HI-TECH gaming PC and what benefits you can expect:


Plug & Play Gaming PC

Your HI-TECH for Gamers gaming PC is delivered to you fully assembled, extensively tested and game-ready: All you have to do is unpack and plug it in, install your games and start right away! Your user account is already set up in your name, RGB software & drivers are installed. Windows is already included in the price - unlike some other providers, you will not experience any negative surprises during the payment process.

Built exclusively for you

All gaming systems are built individually and on demand (whether it is a gaming PC or gaming laptop). Your advantage as a customer: Your new gaming PC will be completely customized – built to your specifications – just the way you want it. YOU are the configurator!

If you want to make your gaming PC truly unique, we will set everything possible in motion – even our laser. On request, we can we can upgrade the glass panel of your PC by adding your own personalized laser engraving, either with the logos of your favorite creator or with your own personal graphic.

The benefits of having your own customized PC go further than the customization itself. Knowing that your new gaming PC was assembled by hand in Austria by our trained technicians gives you the satisfaction and peace of mind that you have partnered with the best. After all, HI-TECH for Gamers has been building gaming PCs – and only gaming PCs – for almost 20 years.

YOU are the configurator ❯❯ Laser engraving ❯❯

Free shipping and fast delivery all over the EU

We ship our PCs free of charge and within the EU with DHL, usually with express shipping in order to keep waiting times as short as possible. As soon as your PC is handed over to our parcel service, you will receive a shipping notification by email including a tracking link to keep an eye on the shipping status - Our apologies to your F5 key.

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