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HI-TECH Characteristics


We have been dealing with High-End-PCs for more than 30 years. In these 30 years we managed to enthuse numerous customers with our competence and experience. Read more about the history of our company here


In an environment/test with absolute systemic stability we can offer you the performance of tomorrow already today: For the processors that have been overclocked by our experts you can demand any kind of service that will be standard in a year´s time. We guarantee you to get the whole potential of overclocking out of the processors for you because we have nothing to give away.

Top quality

We only build in those component parts that meet our quality requirements and pass our test. Well-known producers like INTEL, NVIDIA, AMD and some more guarantee for top quality with their names.


In our PCs you will neither find a loose cable nor a loose screw! Everything is where it belongs. Apart from that our PCs are built/assembled in such a way that expansions/extensions/additions are possible quite easily


Our range of goods comprises products that deserve/enjoy the status of exclusiveness. These computers are very fast, robust and silent. This combination at our prices – this is exclusive!


Our staff in customer service have accumulated/acquired their knowledge in many years in business/of experience. As they are themselves actively involved in the world of gaming, it is easy for them to help and advise you. You can find more information about our team here

Technical details

Our well-versed technicians assemble desktop computers and workstations according to our customers´ individual wishes and in time-consuming manual work (elaborate craftsmanship).


All our products get the best packaging. The kind of packaging we use is designed in such a way that the PC will not get damaged even if it falls from a height of 150 cm.


In extensive benchmarking we coordinate the components perfectly. For the purpose of quality control we carry out endurance tests lasting 24 hours in which the components of a PC are examined/tested at a maximum load of the processor, RAM, graphics card and mainboard (The test run consists of 2 instances of Prime95 + IntelBurn+Furmark). Of course the constant monitoring of the temperature and the volume is included.


In contrast to the „big ones“ of our sector, we can afford to have our PCs built flexibly by our staff. Our motto: quality not quantity.