Shipping and Charges

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Products purchased at HI-TECH are typically shipped via DHL all across Europe.

Time of delivery

The delivery time depends on several factors: since we subject your PC to intensive endurance tests after production, and as we deliver throughout Europe, we cannot give any general information about how long the PCs will be on their way to the customers.

The approximate delivery time can be seen directly under each product (by the note "usually ready for shipment within..."). As soon as your PC is handed over to our parcel service, we will send you a shipping confirmation by email including a tracking link, so that you can keep an eye on your delivery and prepare for the delivery date.

Forwarding expenses

Free delivery to all EU member countries*

EU member states: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary.

When shipping to Switzerland and Liechtenstein the VAT applicable for the destination country is automatically charged by us. The price adjustment occurs automatically as soon as a customer account with the country "Switzerland" or "Liechtenstein" has been registered and this customer account is logged in. Shipping costs (including customs clearance fees) are also automatically charged by us.

When shipping to the UK, the VAT is automatically removed and not billed by us. The price adjustment occurs automatically as soon as a customer account with country "United Kingdom" has been registered and this customer account is logged in.

The VAT must be paid directly to the destination country. Shortly after receiving the goods, you will receive an invoice including payment instructions directly from the customs department.

*For free delivery within the EU, the value of the goods must be at least EUR 150 including VAT. otherwise a flat shipping fee will apply.


Even though great care is taken during the shipping process, damage may occur during transport. In this case the carrier will replace the damaged products only if you respect the following procedure.

  • A transport damage claim must be made immediately when the product is handed over to you by the carrier (the deliverer of the parcel).
  • Clearly visible damage: demand a written confirmation of the damage on receipt of the parcel – by means of a written report on the scanner of the deliverer

After that you need to inform HI-TECH about the identified transport damage. If you want to send the product back to us, please inform us per email at [email protected], fax or phone before you do so.

Thank you for your attention and your help in this matter.

Attention: We are not allowed to deliver to packing stations!

HI-TECH Packaging

The Best Gaming PC also Deserves the Best Packaging


HI-TECH gamers rely on high-end gaming PCs. Top Performance Hardware has only one job to do: to bring your gaming to the eSport Olymp! To achieve this goal, it is not enough to get gaming PC deals, buying a ready-made gaming PC off the shelf and hoping to become # 1 in the gaming world with enough training and a "good" gaming PC.
Sure, nothing beats powerful hardware - but we at Hi-Tech are not satisfied with mediocrity!

We strive to put together the best and strongest components, optimally align them and get every “bit” of performance to create the Ultimate High-End Gaming PC.

But even the best gaming computer needs a protective packaging to make it invulnerable to shocks and transport damage.

Bubble wrap and styrofoam are our Kevlar Vests and Medipacks.

Since we only equip our HI-TECH Gamer PCs with state of the art components, we need to pack your new gaming computer with care. This makes sure your PC will arrive home safe and sound, which is why we rely on adequate protection.

We leave nothing to chance:
bubble wrap, cushioning, polystyrene filler, and shipping instructions on the packaging provide extra protection that guarantees your gaming enjoyment.

Luftpolsterfolien und Styropor

Let's talk about the S-word...
S like Skill: Are you as good as your Gamertag?
S like Steam: curse or blessing?

No, far from it! It's about
S like Safety!

Security is a topic that is not always high on the agenda of many gamers. Admittedly, security is a bit far-fetched. Not security in the sense of cyber security, but good, old old-school packaging security.

In times of increasing worldwide online orders, consignments at freight forwarders and parcel delivery companies have to be processed faster and faster. We appreciate a good cooperation with our logistics partners, but sometimes accidents happen. Packages are often loaded or thrown into trucks in a hurry; even with fully automated conveyor belts in logistics centers, it can happen that packages do not always remain undamaged, much to the displeasure of the customer. Most often, there is no financial damage to the customer. But there is a bad aftertaste when damaged goods have to be resent and arrive a few days or even weeks late.

To prevent this as much as possible, especially with sensitive and high-quality hardware, we take every precaution. We apply the same care with which we assemble our high end PCs to the packaging as well.

Here is a Sneak-Peak of our shipping department.

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We rely on proven methods such as polystyrene filler, classic bubble wrap and Cushioning to form-fit large, empty spaces and protect large, heavy or particularly sensitive components such as fans and water cooling from shocks.
Only when the last polystyrene peanut in the reinforced box and the last "Fragile" shipping notice is attached to the ready-to-ship package, we can pass our high-end gaming PCs to our logistics partner with a clear conscience, so that they can survive the wildest roller coaster ride.

We'd love to see your anticipation of your next HI-TECH Gamer PC by sharing an unboxing video with us and other HI-TECH Gamers!

How to return defective goods

In case of returning your PC, we can provide you with a return label. To request the label and to inform yourself about the costs for the return, you can contact our Service-Team. Please pay special attention to a secure packing. How you can pack your PC safely please see below.

To prevent your PC from shocks on all sides an additional outer cardboard is needed. It is strictly advised to use original packing. Otherwise, unnecessary transport damage may occur due to defective packaging. Neither we nor the carrier can compensate for this transport damage! We therefore ask you to provide your PC with safe and orderly packaging and to fill up all cavities to avoid any damage during transport.

Attention! Shipping/deliveries exclusively to:

HI-TECH for Gamers GmbH
Johann Roithner-Straße 131
4050 Traun

Here is how you can prevent transport damage to the product during a return:
Instructions for packing a return
Make sure your PC system is turned off and not plugged into a power source. Open the side panel of your PC. ATTENTION: different device types must be opened differently! Help can be found here: Quick Start Guide

Then follow the steps below:

Schritt 1
Pad the empty spaces between the components inside your PC with filler. It is highly recommended to use the original packaging material that was used when delivering the PC.
Schritt 2
Then make sure to close the side panel of the PC. Follow the reverse order of opening. See also: Quickstart guide
Schritt 3
Put the PC in a large plastic bag, preferably the one you got it in. It must be completely closed and taped. Then put the top and bottom of each of the styrofoam covers in which the PC was delivered, firmly and accurately on the device. They need to fit tightly to protect the PC from being hit from above or below.
Schritt 1
Insert the secured PC into the appropriate (inner) product box. Seal this well with tape.

However: Your PC is still not sufficiently secured for transport! To protect it against shocks and impacts, an outer box and filling material is necessary on all sides.

Here are the next steps:

Schritt 1
For this you need a sufficiently large, solid cardboard box. Ideally, you can use the one in which your PC, packed in the product box, was delivered. Cover the bottom of this outer box with 2 - 3 cm of firm but elastic filling material (the polystyrene chips from the original packaging or other polystyrene filling material have proven to be most effective).
Schritt 2
Place your PC, already packed in the product box, on top of the filler in the outer box. Make sure that the product box is upright, resting completely on top of the filler material. Leave enough space between the product box and the sides of the outer box to add a minimum of 2 - 3 cm thick layer of filler material.
Schritt 3
Fill all remaining cavities in the outer carton with filling material. Make sure that everything in the outer carton is completely surrounded by the filling material. The top must also be completely covered.
Schritt 1
Now tape the outer carton well. Remove existing stickers and insert new packing list that you have received from HI-TECH service personnel in an outside envelope. (See also the instructions on the service slip, which you received by mail from the HI-TECH service staff.)

Now, you have packed your PC system in the best possible way, so it survives even the wildest shipping roller coaster ride. Finally, you can hand it over to the transport company agreed upon with us.

If you have any questions or need more information, we are happy to help you at [email protected]!

Disposal of packaging material

Our filling material, the FILL-IN GREEN organic packaging flakes, consist of corn starch, which is 100% biodegradable. Several recycling methods are possible:

  • They can be composted or disposed of in the yellow recycling bin.
  • In terms of waste avoidance and recycling or upcycling, the packaging flakes can of course also be reused as filling material or creatively upcycled for handicrafts.