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The early years


The story of HI-TECH begins in 1986. It is the heyday of the Commodore 64, the standard in the field of computer gaming. The first computer HI-TECH sold, unlike the market leader IBM, has two built-in floppy disk drives. Just as it is today, at that time the perfect price-performance ratio for the customer is of premiere importance. IBM, with its single floppy disk drive, had the high price of 75,000 Austrian Schillings (€4,941.75). The first HI-TECH computer is, with 7,000 Schillings (€508.71), less expensive even though it is technologically better equipped.

From business customers…

Corporate customers

In the early years, HI-TECH mainly dealt with business customers such as universities and other companies, providing them with technical equipment. In those day, the PC was not really a “personal computer” and was not widely known. Very few families had one. However, with the emergence of the Internet, the PC grew more interesting for private customers. In 1995, Internet Explorer 1.0 first appeared on the market. In the same year, HI-TECH decided to deliver to end-customers due to increasing interest.

…to retail

Archive Store

It was the era of the HI-TECH classic brick-and-mortar retail shop. The web continued to become more relevant, but customers did not yet have much confidence in it. In 1999, HI-TECH established its first web shop. Still, it could not break the predominance of our retail commerce until 2005/2006.

Experts in video editing

Archive HI-TECH-Logos

During the period starting in 2000, a very important specialization emerged- video editing on PCs. For many videographers, HI-TECH became the first point of contact regarding video editing on a computer. Keep in mind that the Youtube era had not yet arrived. Youtube became another important factor starting from 2005 onwards.

Overclocking in gaming PCs

HI-TECH overclocked Banner

In addition to customers interested in video editing, another group showed increasing interest in HI-TECH PCs: gamers. Since there were already some younger members of the company actively involved in the gaming world, building PCs suited to this segment was a perfect match. By overclocking the processors HI-TECH was able to offer gamers an experience that could not be topped by any equipment from our competitors.

A Quarter-century of HI-TECH


In 2011 HI-TECH celebrated its 25th anniversary. Starting on 4.8.2011- the 25th anniversary of the opening of the business- we will celebrate with a gaming PC special edition "Twentyfive", a birthday calendar with 25 presents, and other offers. Starting in 2011, HI-TECH will also enter the eSports sector and team up with hopeful teams and clans. Of course, we also cooperate with successful Youtubers and Streamers such as MafuyuX / Heideltraut, Zombey, AviveHD, Tobinator, MontanaBlack, DannyBurnage, StandartSkill, Herr Currywurst, fraeuleinchaos, and ArazhulHD. Journalists are showing appreciation for the achievements of HI-TECH Gamer Hardware, calling us the "Antithesis to the iMac" (Peter Sempelmann, Profil, 2011).

HI-TECH launches a New Look

HI-TECH Logo 2018

The company, which moved into a new headquarters in Traun near Linz in April 2013 and celebrated its successful 30th anniversary in 2016, has now developed a new logo in 2018. A new logo should never be designed for the sake of change. When developing the new HI-TECH logo, we wanted to pay respect to our rich heritage of high-quality, powerful, gaming PCs. We also conducted an internal review of our core values and looked to the future of HI-TECH.

The HI-TECH wolf: a loyal guardian of the gaming life and gamers everywhere

HI-TECH's loyalty to those who are passionate about gaming is central to our values. We are committed to supporting gamers and all friends of gaming.

Quality, precision-builds, and service- this is how we keep you in the game

Our name is synonymous with quality, customized PCs, built by hand. We understand that a powerful, reliable PC is a gamer's most valuable piece of hardware.

We're looking to the future, but haven't forgotten our history…

In honor of our 32-year legacy, every letter of the HI-TECH name is included in the wolf´s head, which is also designed to resemble a battle helmet.

What is life without a little mystery?

For all the hardware geeks, we've included an allusion to our history of overclocking. Can you find it?