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HI-TECH Philosophy

"When I sold my first PC in 1986, I did not know exactly where the trip would lead. Today, we shape the digital world though our high-performance products with passion, fun, and joy!"

Dr. Friedrich Huber, CEO HI-TECH

High Performance

High-performance products

HI-TECH sells unique and distinguished products which combine high quality components from selected partners, individual configuration and innovative design.

Our staff stand

for high-performance, too! Each of our employees will always try to assist you competently.

Our high-performance service

HI-TECH excels in top quality customer service. Our customer service staff are perfectly trained, have many years of experience, and assist each customer with all kinds of help and advice.

Our high-performance technicians

The experienced technicians of HI-TECH assemble desktops and workstations according to our clients´ wishes by hand and with elaborate craftsmanship and adjust the components according to extensive benchmarking.

Our high-performance advantage for you!

This way you get extremely powerful computers which are up to all contemporary and future applications for private and business use. Apart from that HI-TECH can set new standards due to unrivalled customer advice and assistance.

Our vision

Because you are our highest priority; we not only want satisfied customers, we want overwhelmingly happy customers!

This is how we do it:

  • The full potential of overclocking!
  • The best components!
  • Technically perfect installation!
  • Exclusivity in our assortment!
  • Top reviews in customer service!
  • Happy employees who have turned their hobby into a profession!
  • Orders that are executed with lightning speed, shipped securely!
  • Shaping the future of gaming PCs!

We want to be the standard of competence, quality and innovation for our customers today as well as in the future!

Our mission

We see our mission in producing with fun, creativity, productivity and pleasure the most powerful and aesthetically most appealing computers worldwide to give YOU more fun, creativity, productivity and pleasure.