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Identity and address of the seller

You conclude a contract of sale with the company HI-TECH for Gamers GmbH, 4050 Traun (Austria) Johann Roithner Strasse 131. You can find more details about the seller in the Imprint.


If you have found the product you are looking for, you can add it to the shopping cart by clicking on the ADD TO CART button. You can view the content of the shopping cart at any time without obligation by clicking on the CART button. The products can be deleted from the shopping cart at any time by clicking on the REMOVE button. If you want to buy the products in your shopping cart, click on the CONTINUE button. You will then be asked to enter your personal information, choose the payment method and confirm the customer information. You can cancel the order process at any time, or complete it by clicking on the SUBMIT ORDER button.


A contract offer from a customer requires an order confirmation. Submitting an order does not mean acceptance of the contract, but only acknowledgment that the consumer's order (offer) has been received by the company. The contract is only concluded when the entrepreneur accepts the consumer's offer. The sending of the goods ordered by the customer also brings about the conclusion of the contract. Our offers are non-binding. If we do not respond within 14 days of receipt of the consumer's offer, no contract has been formed and the consumer is no longer bound by his offer.

Insight into the text of the contract

The text of the contract gets stored. You can have a look at the general terms of the contract on this page at any time. You can look at the specific data of your order in „My account“.


Unless expressly stated otherwise, all prices quoted by us include sales tax, but do not include costs for delivery, assembly or installation.
If the wage costs change due to collective agreements in the industry or internal agreements or if other cost centers relevant to the calculation or costs necessary for the provision of services such as those for materials, energy, transport, external work, financing etc. change, we are entitled, except in the event that the buyer is a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act (KSchG), to increase or reduce the prices accordingly.
The cost estimate is prepared to the best of our knowledge, but no guarantee can be given for its correctness. Should there be any cost increases of more than 15% after the order has been placed, we will inform the contractual partner of this immediately. If it is an unavoidable cost overrun of up to 15%, a separate agreement is not required and we are entitled to charge for these costs without further ado. Estimates are chargeable. A fee paid for the cost estimate will be credited if an order is placed on the basis of this cost estimate.

Forwarding expenses

Products purchased at HI-TECH are typically shipped via DHL all across Europe.

Free delivery to all EU member countries*

EU member states: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary.

When shipping to Switzerland and Liechtenstein the VAT applicable for the destination country is automatically charged by us. The price adjustment occurs automatically as soon as a customer account with the country "Switzerland" or "Liechtenstein" has been registered and this customer account is logged in. Shipping costs (including customs clearance fees) are also automatically charged by us.

When shipping to the UK, the VAT is automatically removed and not billed by us. The price adjustment occurs automatically as soon as a customer account with country "United Kingdom" has been registered and this customer account is logged in.

The VAT must be paid directly to the destination country. Shortly after receiving the goods, you will receive an invoice including payment instructions directly from the customs department.

*For free delivery within the EU, the value of the goods must be at least EUR 150 including VAT. otherwise a flat shipping fee will apply.

Payment methods

The invoice amount can be paid either by prepayment, Sofortbanking, payment by installments, Paypal or by credit card. You get further information (such as on the date your payment is due) when you select a payment method.

Delivery times

For the scheduled time of delivery please consult the description of the product. If there is no information there, the delivery takes place within 3 working days after the receipt of your order. If you wish we can agree on longer-term delivery times.

Partial deliveries

We have the right to carry out partial deliveries as far as they are acceptable for you. Additional forwarding expenses have to be paid only after an explicit agreement.

The right of cancellation (consumers only):

IIn the event of default of acceptance (point VIII.) or other important reasons, such as in particular bankruptcy of the customer or rejection of bankruptcy for lack of assets, as well as default in payment by the customer, we are entitled to withdraw from the contract if it has not yet been completely fulfilled by both parties. In the event of withdrawal, if the customer is at fault, we have the choice of requesting a flat-rate compensation of 25% of the gross invoice amount or compensation for the damage actually incurred. If the customer defaults in payment, we are released from all further service and delivery obligations and are entitled to withhold outstanding deliveries or services and to demand advance payments or securities or to withdraw from the contract after setting a reasonable grace period. If the customer - without being entitled to do so - withdraws from the contract or requests its cancellation, we have the choice of insisting on the fulfillment of the contract or agreeing to the cancellation of the contract; in the latter case, the customer is obliged to pay a lump-sum compensation of 25% of the gross invoice amount or the damage actually incurred, at our discretion.

The consequences of cancellation:

The right of withdrawal according to the FAGG is only available to consumers. You have the right, within 14 days for services from the day the contract was concluded and for sales contracts from the day on which you or a third party named by you who is not the carrier, took possession of the goods, without specifying reasons to withdraw from this contract. The declaration of withdrawal is not bound to any specific form. You can use the revocation form or any other clear declaration (e.g. a letter sent by post, a fax or an e-mail). The declaration should be sent to:

HI-TECH for Gamers GmbH
Johann Roithner-Straße 131
4050 Traun

Phone: +43 7229 61000
Email: [email protected]

The withdrawal period is met if the declaration of withdrawal is sent within the period. After a timely declaration of withdrawal, we will send you all payments made, including the delivery costs if applicable (with the exception of the additional costs resulting from the fact that you have chosen a different type of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery offered by us), immediately, but no later than within 14 days from the day on which we received notification of your cancellation of this contract. The same means of payment will be used for this repayment, which you used to process your payment, unless something else was expressly agreed with you and you will not incur any costs as a result.
We can withhold repayment until we either receive the goods back or until you have provided proof that the goods have been returned. After a timely declaration of withdrawal, you must return the goods to us immediately, at the latest within 14 days of submitting the declaration of withdrawal. The return period is met if the goods are dispatched within the period. The direct costs of returning the goods are to be borne by you.
You only have to pay us compensation for a reduction in the market value of the goods if this loss in value is not due to the handling of the goods that is not necessary for checking the condition, properties and functioning of the goods. Apart from the payments listed in these provisions and any additional costs in the above sense, no other charges may be imposed on you as a result of your withdrawal.
If you withdraw from a contract for services after you have declared a request in accordance with § 10 FAGG (desire that we start fulfilling the contract before the end of the withdrawal period of 14 days) and we have started fulfilling the contract, you have us to pay an amount which, compared to the contractually agreed total price, corresponds to the services rendered by us up to the time of withdrawal. If the total price is excessive, the pro rata amount to be paid will be calculated on the basis of the market value of the services rendered.
Exceptions to the right of withdrawal (§18 FAGG):
The consumer does not have the right to withdraw from distance or off-premises contracts
1. Services if the entrepreneur has provided the service in full, whereby in those cases where the consumer is obliged to pay under the contract, the right of withdrawal does not apply unless, moreover, the entrepreneur with the prior express consent of the consumer with the performance of the contract has started and when the consumer
a) either confirmed before the start of the provision of the service that he was aware that he would lose his right of withdrawal once the contract had been fully performed,
b) or has expressly asked the entrepreneur to visit to have repair work carried out,
2. Goods or services, the price of which depends on fluctuations in the financial market over which the entrepreneur has no control and which may occur within the withdrawal period,
3. Goods that are made to customer specifications or are clearly tailored to personal needs,
4. Goods that can spoil quickly or whose use-by date would soon be exceeded,
5. Goods that are delivered sealed and are not suitable for return for health or hygiene reasons if their seal was removed after delivery,
6. Goods which, due to their nature, were inseparably mixed with other goods after delivery,
7. alcoholic beverages, the price of which was agreed at the time the contract was concluded, but which cannot be delivered earlier than 30 days after the conclusion of the contract and the current value of which depends on fluctuations on the market over which the entrepreneur has no influence,
8. Sound or video recordings or computer software contained in a sealed package
9. Newspapers, periodicals or magazines with the exception of subscription contracts for the delivery of such publications,
10. Services in the areas of accommodation for other than residential purposes, transport of goods, rental of motor vehicles and delivery of food and drink and services provided in connection with leisure activities, provided that a specific time or period is required for the performance of the contract by the entrepreneur is contractually provided,
11. the provision of digital content that is not intended to be delivered on a physical medium when the entrepreneur has started to perform the contract, whereby in those cases where the consumer is obliged to pay under the contract, the right of withdrawal only lapses, if moreover

Furthermore, the consumer has no right of withdrawal in the case of contracts for urgent repair or maintenance work where the consumer has expressly requested the entrepreneur to visit the company to carry out this work. If, during such a visit, the trader provides additional services that the consumer has not expressly requested, or if he supplies goods that are not essential as spare parts for maintenance or repair, the consumer has the right to withdraw from these additional services or goods.

Finally, the consumer has no right of withdrawal from contracts concluded at a public auction.


The warranty follows the legal regulations. In case the product is defective we choose to either make a compensation delivery or offer some other improvement. If the improvement fails or the replacement product is also defective, you can return the product and get a refund of the full purchase price or keep the product and get a price reduction. Please consult the product description for a possible manufacturer´s warranty.

Sweepstakes - Conditions of participation


Participation in the sweepstakes/raffle is free, voluntary and not linked to any purchase obligation.
By submitting the entire and correctly completed online registration, the participant confirms to have read the conditions of participation and to accept them without restrictions.

The organizer of the sweepstakes is:

HI-TECH for Gamers GmbH
Johann Roithner-Straße 131
4050 Traun

Phone: +43 7229 61000
E-Mail: [email protected]

Unless otherwise stated, the registration for the respective raffle starts at 00:00 on the respective start date and ends on the end date indicated there at 00:00 - CET / CET ("execution period").
No correspondence can be made about the raffle.
Sweepstakes, which are carried out on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Discord or Instagram, have no connection to Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Discord or Instagram and are not sponsored, supported or organized in any way by Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Discord or Instagram.

Participation Requirements

Eligible for participation are only natural individual persons of legal age with unlimited legal capacity. Excluded from participation are employees of HI-TECH and their relatives.
Participation via the intervention of third parties, e.g. Contest agencies is excluded and will not be taken into account in determining winners. Per person there is only one possibility to participate in the respective sweepstakes. Exceptions will be announced for the respective sweepstakes. The participant is responsible for the accuracy of the given data.
Comments, posts, postings that violate Facebook or Instagram, Twitter guidelines, Austrian law, good manners and / or copyright will be removed without notice, when seen by our staff. The participant will thus be excluded from the raffle. Participation via raffle clubs and automated services is excluded.
The organizer reserves the right to exclude participants from the raffle due to false information, manipulation or the use of unauthorized aids.

Data Protection

The participant expressly agrees that the personal data transmitted by him / her will be stored electronically. HI-TECH is committed to complying with the relevant data protection regulations. Your consent to data storage and use can be revoked at any time by e-mail.
The participant agrees that in the event of a win, his/her first name and surname (in abbreviated form) will be published on the website and on social media.


HI-TECH reserves the right to change the prizes provided as an award at any time, even without stating reasons, by giving prices of the same or better value, even color changes are reserved. Cash redemption of the prize is not possible. The prize drawing will take place after the end of the implementation period, to the exclusion of the public. There is no obligation to accept the prize.
The winners will be informed in writing. Winners must contact us within 1 week of being notified. Should winners fail to confirm acceptance of the prize during this time, their claim to the prize will be forfeited without replacement. A replacement winner will then be determined after the same procedure.


To the extent permitted by law, HI-TECH excludes all warranties and liability for claims in connection with the raffle and the profits made against the raffle participant and the winners. Furthermore, HI-TECH assumes no liability for any technical difficulties affecting the final result of the competition or participation in the competition. Legal action is excluded.

Customer service – Opening hour

Attention, flexible opening hours:
If you want to visit us, please ALWAYS contact us before appointment (delivery and pick-up of new and repaired equipment, counseling, etc.)! Saturday & Sunday closed.

Phone: +43 7229 61000
Sales department: [email protected]
Management: [email protected]

Our bank details

Recipient's name: HI-TECH for Gamers GmbH
Bank: Oberbank Linz
IBAN: AT07 1500 0007 5100 7741

Recipient's name: HI-TECH for Gamers GmbH
Bank: Oberbank Passau/München
IBAN: DE17 7012 0700 1061 1515 42

Caution: When paying for orders please always use your order number as reason for payment so that the payment can be assigned correctly! For other payments please enter the use of your name and purpose of the payment (repair, replacement, upgrade, etc.) as reason for payment.